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Hey Education Majors: There’s a LibGuide for that!

May 25, 2017

Have you been looking for information about the Curriculum Materials Center, the children’s literature collection, children’s literature databases and websites, or a nice library guide to help you with your courses? Check out the guides that I have created to help Kutztown University of Pennsylvania education majors: CLICK HERE



ETS Offers Interactive Practice Tests

November 22, 2016

The following notice is from ETS:

All Praxis tests now offer a fee based Interactive Practice Test (IPT) for candidates to use in preparation before sitting for the official assessment. The IPT provides candidates hands-on experience with different sample question types used on the actual tests.  Candidates can view their scores and get detailed explanations of correct answers for every practice question. The purchase of the IPT is valid for 90 days or 10 uses (whichever comes first).

The IPT provides:

  • easy online practice in a simulated test environment,
  • authentic sample test questions that will help candidates prepare for test day,
  •  an optional test timer providing practice in a timed setting,
  • practice results for each category of content, and
  • detailed explanations for correct answers to the practice questions.

 ETS has released a second IPT test for 25 content areas.  For more information, visit the ETS website.


Please check with KU’s COE office to make sure you are taking the right test before proceeding with any assessments.

LibGuides for Education Majors

December 3, 2014

There are several libguides that have been created just for education majors. These guides will help you discover databases, websites, and other library resources for general purposes and for certain courses. Check them out at
LibGuides for Education Majors

Please contact Karen Wanamaker or the librarian who created a particular guide if you have any questions.

New Rules for SAT and PAPA tests!

September 13, 2013

New information about the PAPA and SAT scores from the PDE. 🙂
Contact the KU College of Education office for more information:
(610) 683-4253


Effective September 1, 2013 the Secretary of Education has established an alternative means for candidates seeking educator certification in Pennsylvania  to meet the requirements set forth in 22 PA Code 49.18 Assessment.  This requirement is currently satisfied when a student passes the “basic skills” assessment administered by Pearson, also referred to as the Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA).  Students may now meet the above-noted requirement of “basic skills” with either:


  1. 1.       A score of no less than 1550 on the Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT).
  • The SAT score of 1550 will include no individual section (Critical Reading, Writing, and Mathematics) score of less than 500.
  • Students may not combine section scores from different test administrations, but they may use their best score earned from one test administration.
  1. 2.       A composite score of 23 on the American College Test Plus Writing (ACT)
  • The composite score of 23 shall be accompanied by a combined English/Writing score of 22 and a Math score of 21.


Students who meet either requirement at the time of college matriculation shall be exempt from taking the PAPA exam.  Those who do not must take and pass the PAPA examination.

PA Certification Test Materials Available ONLINE–for FREE!

January 5, 2012

The study guides and practice tests for the new PA certification tests are available for free on the PECT Web site: This new test goes into effect this semester (Spring 2012) with registration opening in February. If you have any questions about which test to take, please go to the College of Education office in Beekey or call Mrs. Tanya Faust at 610-683-4332.

The following is from a recent e-mail that was sent:

Dear Educator,

Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests (PECT) preparation materials, including study guides and full-length practice tests, are now available.  Preparation materials can be accessed on the PECT Web site at […]

As you may know, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) spent three years revising Chapter 49, the teacher certification regulations, to define new certificate areas for PreK through 8th grade and Special Education.

During 2009–2010, subsequent to revising the teacher certification regulations in Chapter 49, PDE initiated the development of the PECT program.  The tests to be included in this program are:  PreK–4, Special Education PreK–8, Special Education 7–12, and Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA), which covers knowledge and skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.  In 2010, PDE began collaborating with the Evaluation Systems group of Pearson to develop and administer the Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests (PECT) program.  The first administration of the new tests is planned for April 2012.  Registration for the test is scheduled to open in early February 2012.

Development of test objectives that define the content of the test was a key step in the test development process.  The test objectives consist of test subareas that each include a set of objectives, along with a set of descriptive statements that further elaborate the content of each test objective.  The PECT were developed in alignment with Pennsylvania regulations and standards, including the Pennsylvania Program Framework Guidelines and the relevant Pennsylvania Academic Standards.  Committees of Pennsylvania educators reviewed the test objectives and made revisions, as necessary, to ensure that the test objectives were accurate, free of bias, job related, and important for the job of an entry-level teacher in Pennsylvania.

A content validation survey was conducted using sampled practicing Pennsylvania educators and educator preparation program faculty to ensure that the test objectives reflect the knowledge and skills considered to be important for performing the job of a teacher in Pennsylvania.

Next, test items were developed to assess the content defined by the test objectives. Committees of Pennsylvania educators were convened to review and approve the test items. Students preparing to teach at the appropriate authorization levels participated in field tests of the items at sites throughout Pennsylvania.  Each full-length practice test for the PECT includes a representative sample of these items.

This blog will forcefully destruct in a little over a month

December 5, 2011

While I still love the look and feel of the KUCMC blog, I have been informed by KU’s IT folks that it is time to say goodbye and move back onto the University’s Web presence in the new format that will be unveiled for the Spring 2012 semester. Could I stand firm and keep this blog on the sly or put up a fight? Sure, but we all know that I won’t win. I’ll just get tired of fighting and eventually end up doing what they want in the end anyway. SO, onward we go! I will keep you updated as to where to find our new home once I am informed as to where it will be. IT has promised that all of the content (minus the blog) will be recreated in the new look on the new site, so all of the resources that you have grown to like (such as the handouts that help you complete assignments without pulling out every last strand of your hair) will still be available. I will keep this site up for a while just to make sure! 🙂

With much love to my COE folks,
Karen the Librarian

Children’s Literature LibGuide Now Available

November 15, 2011

Check out the latest LibGuide: Children’s Literature

Learn about the children’s literature resources at the Rohrbach Library, how to find books, and other resources that can help with children’s literature classes or assignments. Special thanks to our graduate assistant, Mark Magro for his help with this guide. Let us know what you think!

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