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This blog will forcefully destruct in a little over a month

December 5, 2011

While I still love the look and feel of the KUCMC blog, I have been informed by KU’s IT folks that it is time to say goodbye and move back onto the University’s Web presence in the new format that will be unveiled for the Spring 2012 semester. Could I stand firm and keep this blog on the sly or put up a fight? Sure, but we all know that I won’t win. I’ll just get tired of fighting and eventually end up doing what they want in the end anyway. SO, onward we go! I will keep you updated as to where to find our new home once I am informed as to where it will be. IT has promised that all of the content (minus the blog) will be recreated in the new look on the new site, so all of the resources that you have grown to like (such as the handouts that help you complete assignments without pulling out every last strand of your hair) will still be available. I will keep this site up for a while just to make sure! 🙂

With much love to my COE folks,
Karen the Librarian

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